The bond human beings form with our pets can be very intense. That’s why it can hit us so darn hard when the pet in question shuffles off their mortal coil and leaves us behind.

Some people are so rich and so attached to their pets that when they die, they can’t leave well enough alone. Barbra Streisand loved her former dog so much that she actually had the creature… cloned!

TMZ is reporting that the legendary Barbra Streisand has cloned her late pooch, Samantha. 

She now has three new pups cloned from DNA taken from Samantha’s mouth and stomach. This process can cost up to $100,000 per procedure, so it’s clear that Babs isn’t hurting for cash in the least! 

Boy, she must have really, really, really loved that dog! Can you imagine ever shelling out that kind of change to get a dead pet cloned?

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