People use makeup for different reasons. Some wear it every day to hide blemishes, while others use it to enhance their natural beauty. Some only dare touch it on special occasions like weddings or theatrical performances.

That said, makeup is more than just something you wear to cover up flaws. When used correctly, the application of makeup can be a work of art!

One artist came up with a brilliant idea to let people know just how much work she put into her craft. What she shared on Instagram immediately went viral—and you have to see why.

When makeup artist Jodie Hulme initiated the “blank canvas” trend on Instagram, the rules were simple: cover half your face in white paint and limit your makeup to the remaining half. She had no idea that her concept would take wing in such an amazing way.

Now if you search Instagram for “#blankcanvas,” you’ll find countless brilliant makeup artists sharing their skills using the totally unique parameters of this challenge. The results are just mesmerizing…

Even CoverGirl’s latest brand representative, James Charles, got in on the trend. As soon as he posted this image, dozens of his followers jumped on the bandwagon—and the resulting images have been captivating!

This project really shows how makeup is more than about vanity—it’s a literal art form! You could happily hang one of these images on your wall.

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