When you think of cute and cuddly animals, chances are that owls don’t rank very high on that list. After all, they’re a bird, hardly the fluffiest of creatures.

Well this new craft trend taking over the knitting world will definitely change your mind. Prepare for the sweetest and softest owl you’ve ever seen!

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as this big-eyed owl blanket?

And if you thought they looked adorable just sitting on a couch, check out how cute and cozy it actually looks on! 

This is the knitting project to end all knitting projects. Forget mermaid blankets, owl blankets are the new jam.

Did we mention that they fold up nicely into little pillows, too? BECAUSE THEY DO!

If you’re looking for your next big knitting project, maybe you should try making an owl blanket!

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