Meet the Light Phone 2, the only phone out there that takes pride in being “dumb”. This phone can make and receive calls and text messages, and it can also set alarms, but that’s pretty much all it can do. 

The Light Phone 2 is the brainchild of Joe Hollier and and Kai Tang. When they first conceived of the project they wanted to make a phone that could act as a kind of security blanket for smartphones users. The idea was that you could leave your smartphone at home and travel “light”. 

In a funny twist of fate, the Light Phone 2’s creators met while working together at Google. They were hired to help design addictive apps for their smartphones, but the two men quickly realized that they shared a belief that apps were taking over our minds. 

This isn’t their first stab at creating a phone together, either. In 2015 they launched the Light Phone, the first version of their amazingly dumb device. This phone was financed on Kickstarter, and it could only make and receive phone calls. 

It turned out that they weren’t the only people who felt burned out by their smartphones. When the Light Phone first went on sale they sold more than 10,000 phones in more than 50 countries. Clearly, their project hit a nerve with the people.

Because their first device was such a smash hit, they decided to release a second version making tweaks along the way based on what they learned when they released their first version of the phone to customers who gave interesting and helping feedback. 

“Light Phone 2 encourages you to spend more quality time doing the things you love most, free of distractions,” said a press release about the new phone. While the first version was totally dumb, this version exists sort of in between old flip phones and the last smartphone technology. 

Perhaps the biggest addition to this phone is the ability to send and receive texts. One of the hardest thing for smartphones users to get rid of completely is their passion for text messages. With this version of the phone, they just don’t have to!

The Light Phone 2 has other important features that the first version of the phone was lacking. It has a larger speaker, physical buttons, and an alarm clock – because every phone needs one of those, right?

The creators of the phone say that the Light Phone 2 is even easier to use than the original version of the device. It’s so user friendly that it could easily become your complete replacement for your smartphone if that’s what you’re looking for.

The phone has a couple of other features that border on smartphone technology, too. You can now use it to add to a list of contacts, you can also program it to call you a taxi and to get your directions to different locations. 

The new phone also has a USB port for charging, and it comes equipped with a place for you to put your headphone jack. Say buh-bye to ever having to worry about pressing that phone up to your ear again. It still won’t play music though. 

They haven’t forgotten about style and good looks with this version of the phone, either. It comes in either black or white and both phones come equipped with e-ink technology, making it pretty to look at and easy on the eyes. 

Another thing that makes the Light Phone 2 kind of awesome? It’s reallllllly tiny! It’s just about the length of a credit card and it is only 6.5 millimeters thick! No matter your size it will make you feel like a giant. 

You can pre-order the Light Phone 2 right now for $250! That’s not too bad and they’ve already raised over $450,000. Once they have officially launched the price is going to go up to $400, so if this phone interests you then now is definitely the time to buy one. 

This phone sounds so intriguing! But it also sounds like it’s already given up being dumb.

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