Back in the day, actresses were typecast as soft motherly figures or femme fatales, with nothing in-between. Even today, it’s impossible for an actress to find balance in a critical world: They’re either too skinny, too loud, too boring, too big, too quiet, too wild — the list goes on. With such impossible standards, Hollywood needs who can shake things up…and no one does that quite like Emily Blunt. 

Poise, humor, and strength are hard to bring to a single role, so when an actor achieves this trifecta with ease, it catches you off guard — and keeps you glued to the screen. Emily Blunt can play a slightly-unhinged fashion expert and a tough-as-nails mom in an apocalyptic world, but being an empowered, versatile movie star wasn’t always in Emily’s future. As a child, fame seemed as likely as an alien invasion.

Acting is in Emily’s blood: Her mother, Joanna, is a former actress and school teacher. Her brother Sebastian is also an actor, and even acted side by side with his sister in Edge of Tomorrow.

She’s obviously an amazing actress, but Emily’s most compelling talent is her accent — not her British accent, obviously. Though she was born and raised in London, her American accent is flawless as she has shown off in many of her movies.

Still, you won’t hear Emily talk about driving a cah in Bah-ston anytime soon. Of all the American accents out there, Emily just can’t nail the Boston dialect. This is ironic, considering her husband is a proud Bostonian! 

If the chemistry between Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s characters in A Quiet Place felt realistic, it’s because they’re married in real life! Emily said that acting together brought them “closer,” despite warnings from friends that it would ruin their marriage.

Emily wasn’t always the confident, fast-talking actress we know and love. She actually struggled with a stutter from the ages of 7-14, an experience that affected her so much that she now sits on the board for the American Institute for Stuttering.

We all love Michael Bublé and his smooth-as-silk songs about love — and Emily once did, too. In fact, the duo dated from 2005 to 2008, and the crooner’s song “Everything” is all about Emily. We wonder if she listens to it anymore? 

The way Emily chooses roles is admirable and relatable: In an effort to avoid typecasting, she never does two similar parts in a row. She also doesn’t want to spend her days in a gym, so don’t expect back-to-back action flicks! 

The Devil Wears Prada was, of course, Emily Blunt’s breakthrough…but the role didn’t come without its downsides. In order to be in the film, she also had to sign on to the far less successful film Gulliver’s Travels starring Jack Black. 

Reunited! The Devil Wears Prada starred Emily and Meryl Streep, and they must enjoy each others company since they’ve since been in two more films together: Into the Woods and Mary Poppins Returns.

The film A Quiet Place represented her greatest fear as a mother: “I’m scared of…not being able to protect my children,” she said. If she’s anything like her strong-willed character in the movie, she has nothing to worry about! 

What makes Emily’s characters so interesting are their quirks, like how her Devil Wears Prada character is so cut-throat in the fashion world. Apparently, the inspiration for these “quirks” come from her own loved ones. We guess that’s a compliment?

Acting wasn’t something Emily always dreamed of doing. The actress originally wanted to be a translator, but she slowly fell in love with acting over time, especially after her performance in the play Bliss caught the eye of an agent.

Even though she must rub elbows with Hollywood’s best and brightest all the time, even Emily fangirls over her acting heroes. Her favorite stars? Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett — and, of course, Meryl Streep!

Emily is definitely an actress to look up to, and not just because she’s good at her job. She uses her star-power for good by advocating for women and education, and powerfully said that “If women are given a voice, they use it.” 

For someone who doesn’t like horror movies, Emily starred in one of the most lauded horror films of the decade when she was in A Quiet Place. Her favorite horror movie has nothing to do with aliens, however — Jaws is Emily’s frightening favorite!

Shout-out to New York pizza! According to Emily, the best pizza in Brooklyn is at Table 87. We’re curious what she orders on her pizza — is she a pineapple gal, or does she go with the classics? These are very important questions.

Who knew Emily was so old-school when it came to medicine? She’s a firm believer in oil of oregano for stopping a cold in its tracks. “It’s disgusting, you burn your throat, but I…find it shortens the cold,” she claimed. 

For someone who didn’t intend to get into acting, Emily certainly had a strong start: Her stage debut was at age 16 in The Royal Family, and her top-tiered co-star was none other than Dame Judi Dench, one of Emily’s acting idols.  

Before Emily stole every scene in The Devil Wears Prada, she won her first and only (so far) Golden Globe award for Gideon’s Daughter. She’s been nominated for 6 Golden Globes in total, so another win is definitely on the horizon.

We all know that Emily and actor Stanley Tucci were in The Devil Wears Prada together, but they share a much closer link than most people know. Tucci is actually Emily’s brother-in-law, having married Emily’s sister Felicity after Emily introduced them in 2010.

Emily’s not the only member of her family who had big dreams about Hollywood from a young age. Her husband, actor John Krasinski, also had his eye on the prize, though obviously that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his life.

John is known for his tall stature, a characteristic that may not earn him roles but always entertains his friends: The actor has a knack for moving around like a puppet on a string, and it’s as impressive (and weird) as it sounds.

Behind the scenes, at least, A Quiet Place was basically a one-man show. Not only did John co-write, star in, direct, and executive produce the horror flick, but he used motion-capture technology to play the movie’s terrifying monster. 

The first few shots of The Office theme song, which takes the viewer through the gray sights of Scranton, has definitely reached icon status — and it’s all thanks to John Krasinski, who filmed that Scranton footage himself.

John certainly has friends in high places, and we’re not just talking about his A-list wife, Emily Blunt. The duo wed in 2010 at a Lake Como estate owned by Hollywood’s most debonair star, George Clooney, whom Krasinski befriended while acting in Leatherheads. 

Like most young actors, John paid his dues by making pennies as an intern. Still, he was probably able to rub noses with some of the brightest faces in Hollywood when he was an intern at Late Night with Conan O’Brien. 

It seems Pam Beesley wasn’t the first red-head to steal “Jim’s” heart! John has admitted to falling hard for ’80s icon Molly Ringwald back in the day, and we can’t say we blame him.

Trashy TV is everyone’s guilty pleasure, even Oscar nominees! The actor and filmmaker, who garnered acclaim for the horror film A Quiet Place, admitted that one of his favorite pastimes is curling up with a couple episodes of The Bachelor

Jim and Ryan may not have been best friends on The Office, but the real-life actors go way back — like, all the way to high school in Massachusetts. The old friends just happened to make it big on the same show!

When John wants to do something, he’s going to do it right. He proved this when he took his acting ambitions to the next level at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the prestigious acting school in Stratford-upon-Avon in the U.K.

If his impressive past proves anything, it’s that John is a man of many ambitions: While living in Costa Rica for a few months before heading off to Brown University, he earned some extra cash by teaching high school kids English.

Most first dates are pretty typical: The couple sees a movie, or gets dinner in a fancy restaurant. John took a more unusual route, however, when he took his now-wife Emily Blunt to a gun range. Sounds…fun?

If you’ve never seen John act in anything before, chances are you’ve heard his voice. In addition to lending his voice to Monsters University and Bojack Horseman, he was the narrator for Esurance commercials for years. 

Have we mentioned how Krasinski is multi-talented? In addition to being an actor, filmmaker, and writer, he’s also an enthusiastic athlete, and even coached basketball in his spare time while at Brown.

Though he had many ambitions as a young kid, John was always drawn to the stage. His first “role” was in a sixth grade production of Annie, where he played Daddy Warbucks.

Musical spin-off programs that originated on Late Night shows are now officially “a thing,” and you have John Krasinkski to thank. Alongside Stephen Merchant, he created Lip Sync Battle for Jimmy Fallon, which later spawned its own show. 

He’s talented, he’s handsome, and he’s…a hero? Teenage-John was at the beach when news spread that a young girl was swept out to sea by a rip tide. Without thinking, he reportedly jumped into the waves and saved her life.

It seems like Krasinski can do no wrong, but this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, as a young Hollywood hopeful working multiple odd-jobs, John was fired nine times, once as a bartender when he inadvertently made a customer sick. 

Fatherhood is such a central theme in A Quiet Place because Krasinski became a father for the second time while re-working the script. He was so inspired by his two little girls, he just had to incorporate them into the movie!

John seems to feel very little fear in many aspects of his life, and he found a life partner with the same penchant for danger! While on their honeymoon, he and Emily Blunt got up close and personal with a couple sharks.

He was a huge Emily Blunt fan before they even met, if his record-breaking (probably) 72-time viewing of her movie The Devil Wears Prada proves anything. There’s really nothing cuter than a partner who truly loves what the other does!

As a broke up-and-comer, John apparently called his mother and told her he was quitting. She convinced him to give it one more shot — and he booked The Office three weeks later. Thanks, Mrs. Krasinski! 

John joined a star-studded cast, and every one of his cohorts seemed to put together incredible careers of their own. Steve Carell, who played the lovable Michael Scott, was a jock and theater geek. Still, he admits class clown was not on his radar during his days at Middlesex High.

2. Angela Kinsey: You may not recognize this smiling face because Kinsey’s character, also named Angela, seldom expressed anything besides annoyance as head of accounting. In reality, she self describes as Texan southern Belle — and has the charm to prove it!

Angela Kinsey / Instagram

3. Ed Helms: Unlike his character Andy Bernard, Helms didn’t attend Cornell University. Though he does share certain similarities to the Nard Dog, like a having a silly nickname. Kids in high school dubbed Ed “Chuck E. Cheese.”

E Online

4. Rainn Wilson: Don’t let his perfectly feathered hair fool you. In his school days, Rainn aligned along the Dwight Schrute side of the cool spectrum. He pushed those perfect waves out of his eyes to read the sheet music for bassoon solos in the band.

5. Melora Hardin: One look from Jan Levinson Gould could make a grown man cower, and her fearsome power comes from experience. Hardin has a credit list stretching back to the early ’70s, as she appeared in shows like Little House on the Praire.

Little House Wiki

6. Creed Bratton: By and far, Creed is the greatest enigma of the cast. Prior to acting, he was a founding member of the band The Grass Roots. When first hired, Creed was a background actor, but he won the showrunners over with his wild ideas, and they wrote a version of him into the show.


7. Leslie David Baker: Hardcore Office fans will recognize “Stanley the Manly,” since they used Baker’s actual yearbook photo on the show. Fun fact about Leslie: while in graduate school, he earned cash as a worker in an OfficeMax commercial.

8. Ellie Kemper: Growing up in Missouri, Kemper played acting games and earned grades from a formidable drama teacher, Jon Hamm. Yup, he taught at and attended the same high school as Ellie, who mused, “Everyone was ga-ga over him.”


9. Phyllis Smith: Michael hinted that Phyllis Lapin Vance had a colorful high school past. If he only knew how incredible real-life Phyllis’ past is! Her entertaining career began as a cheerleader for the St. Louis Cardinals, followed by 7 years on the burlesque stage.


10. Craig Robinson: He got his start on The Office and went on the be a comedy blockbuster staple. In fact, many stars, like John Krasinski, used the iconic show as a launchpad for their careers.

11. BJ Novak: Ryan Howard was briefly the youngest VP in Dunder Mifflin history. Novak could be labeled a “wunderkind” in his own right. Eventually becoming an Executive Producer, BJ graduated from Harvard after directing plays in high school with classmate John Krasinski.

12. Jenna Fischer: Similar to Pam Beesly Halpert, she came from humble beginnings. Before packing her car and moving to LA, 15-year-old Fischer worked the counter at Long John Silvers.


13. Brian Baumgartner: Who else is curious if he made Kevin’s famous chili recipe for this high school party? Doubtful, as young Brian looked too cool. Not in attendance was his scene partner Ed Helms, who was a year behind him in school.


14. Kate Flannery: If there was a Dundie for “Most Likely To See Double,” it would go to Supplier Relations rep and resident party girl Meredith Palmer. Your eyes don’t deceive you, though: there are two child Merediths pictured. Flannery has an identical twin.

Kate Flannery / Instagram

15. Andy Buckley: This young graduate went off to Stanford University and became a successful stockbroker. In the end, Wall Street didn’t suit Buckley. He preferred playing a pretend CFO as company head David Wallace.


16. Mindy Kaling: Much like a diamond, years of pressure from close-minded classmates turned her into a comedy-obsessed jewel. “Everyone acted like it was inappropriate for a girl to be funny,” she said. “As if I was there to be an audience for the guys…It was so unfair!”


17. Zach Woods: Poor Gabe Lewis was the most misunderstood employee, something Woods related to. “When I weirdly went to jazz camp, I got bullied…AT JAZZ CAMP,” he said. “I got picked on by a tiny violinist.”

18. Rashida Jones: No guessing involved for this one: her appearance has barely changed since her high school days. Jones’ tenure on the show wasn’t that long, but Karen Filippelli made a big impact.


Years before the mockumentary sitcom changed the primetime comedy scene, however, another iconic show was catapulting young, funny actors into the spotlight…

Over the years, Seinfeld wasn’t just known as everyone’s favorite TV show about nothing, it was also a springboard for many familiar faces who would go on to enjoy their own brand of celebrity after appearing on the show.

1. Kathy Griffin (Season 7, ‘The Doll’): One of Seinfeld’s colleagues from the stand-up circuit, Griffin appeared as the former roommate of George’s fiancée Susan. Her character opened a one-woman show called ‘Jerry Seinfeld, The Devil.’

Columbia Pictures Television

2. Sarah Silverman (Season 8, ‘The Money’): In one of her first TV roles, the comedian appeared as Emily, Kramer’s girlfriend who kept him awake at night with her restless leg syndrome.

https://Hulu / NBC

3. Bryan Cranston (Season 6, ‘The Mom and Pop Store’): The man who introduced the world to Walter White first appeared in five Seinfeld episodes as Tim Whatley. A frenemy of Jerry’s, he was a dentist suspected of regifting and also converting to Judaism ‘for the jokes.’

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4. Teri Hatcher (Season 4, ‘The Implant’): This desperate housewife was another one of Jerry’s flings. Their relationship fell apart due to his uncertainty about whether or not she had breast implants. As Hatcher famously revealed, they were real and they were spectacular!

5. Jon Favreau (Season 5, ‘The Fire’): Before he helmed the Iron Man movies, Favreau played Eric the Clown. George infamously shoved Eric and several children aside when a small fire broke out at a birthday party.

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6. Courteney Cox (Season 5, ‘The Wife’): Jerry cycled through many gorgeous onscreen girlfriends, including the soon-to-be Friends star. Her character posed as Jerry’s wife so she could use his dry cleaning discount.

Hulu / NBC

7. Megan Mullally (Season 4, ‘The Implant’): The Will and Grace actress appeared as George’s girlfriend Betsy. The pair broke up after George was caught double-dipping a chip at her aunt’s funeral.

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8. Debra Messing (Season 8, ‘The Yadda Yadda’): On the topic of Will and Grace, Messing also appeared as Beth, a Seinfeld love interest. Jerry started dating her after her marriage falls apart until Beth revealed herself to be an anti-Semite.

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9. Michael Chiklis (Season 3, ‘The Stranded’): Before starring in The Shield, Chiklis played the worst houseguest of all time. As Jerry’s friend Steve, he got drunk in Seinfeld’s apartment and brought over a prostitute.

Columbia Pictures Television

10. Denise Richards (Season 4, ‘The Shoes’): While Jerry and George were pitching a show to NBC, Richards appears as the NBC chairman’s daughter. George, unfortunately, couldn’t stop staring at her low-cut shirt.

Hulu / NBC

11. Brad Garrett (Season 7, ‘The Bottle Deposit’): The gravelly-voiced Garrett appeared on this smash sitcom just months before the premiere of Everybody Loves Raymond. He portrayed an obsessive mechanic who steals Jerry’s car.

Hulu / NBC

12. Marisa Tomei (Season 7, ‘The Cadillac’): Tomei was already an established star, thanks to her Oscar-winning turn in My Cousin Vinny. Appearing as herself, she briefly dates George before discovering he’s engaged.

Columbia Pictures Television

13. Ben Stein (Season 8, ‘The Comeback’): Bueller? Bueller? Kramer? Stein brought his signature dry sensibilities and monotone voice to Seinfeld as Shellbach, an estate lawyer.

Columbia Pictures Television

14. Rob Schneider (Season 7, ‘The Friar’s Club’): Coming off a few seasons on SNL, Schneider portrayed Bob, a partially-deaf coworker of Elaine who makes her miserable.

Columbia Pictures Television

15. Jeremy Piven (Season 4, ‘The Pilot’): Before he embodied hotshot agent Ari Gold on Entourage, Piven played an actor auditioning for Jerry and George’s show-within-a-show.

Columbia Pictures Television

16. Molly Shannon (Season 8, ‘The Summer of George’): Shannon depicted Elaine’s odd coworker Sam a couple of years after her SNL debut. Sam memorably trashed Elaine’s office after she made fun of Sam for walking without moving her arms.

Hulu / NBC

17. Bob Odenkirk (Season 8, ‘The Abstinence’): The former SNL writer portrayed Elaine’s doctor boyfriend who struggled to get his license. Odenkirk later joined Bryan Cranston as a Seinfeld guest who became a star in the Breaking Bad universe.

Hulu / NBC

18. Lauren Graham (Season 8, ‘The Millennium’): Lorelai Gilmore was another one of Jerry’s short-lived girlfriends. They split after an argument about her phone’s speed dials — you know, back when that was a thing.

Hulu / NBC

19. Patton Oswalt (Season 6, ‘The Couch’): The stand-up comic and Ratatouille star appeared as a video store clerk. He clashes with George by refusing to call the current renters of a particular movie.

Hulu / NBC

20. Catherine Keener (Season 3, ‘The Letter’): Keener went on to star in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Get Out. As Jerry’s artsy girlfriend Nina, she paints a strangely captivating portrait of Kramer.

Hulu / NBC

Fans of Seinfeld didn’t even have to change the channel to catch a glimpse of NBC’s smash hit Friends, which featured an all-star cast with some serious secrets and off-the-charts charisma…

1. Matt LeBlanc’s hair wasn’t really black: That’s right, Joey’s signature black locks didn’t come naturally to Matt LeBlanc, who had already started to go gray when the show began shooting. He had to dye his hair throughout the run of the series.

2. The poker episode is based on real events: In one of the most popular episodes of the show, the girls all learn how to play poker. It was inspired by the girls of the cast actually learning how to play poker on the set!

3. Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow don’t watch the reruns: For Lisa Kudrow, it depends on her mood. If she’s in a bad mood, then that means she doesn’t want to have to look at herself on screen!

4. They all got stage fright: Shooting in front of a live audience wasn’t an easy thing for even the most experienced actors on the set. The cast has revealed that even famous guest stars got shy performing in front of a live house.

5. Lisa Kudrow was really pregnant: During the show, Lisa Kudrow’s character, Phoebe, became pregnant, acting as a surrogate for her brother. This was done to explain Kudrow’s own real-life pregnancy.

6. Matthew Perry predicted their success: In an episode where Matthew Perry had to shoot all of his scenes separately from the group, he was able to observe just how good they really were. In that moment he knew the show would be a hit.

7. Courteney Cox didn’t love her character: While there’s no denying that Courteney Cox knocked it right out of the park when it came to her character, Monica, she admitted that she wasn’t always in love with her character, whom she sometimes found annoying.

8. Matt LeBlanc seriously injured himself: In the beloved episode “The One Where No One Is Ready,” Matt LeBlanc had to wear a sling on his arm because he actually injured himself doing a pratfall during shooting.

9. In 1993, Matthew Perry wrote a sitcom about a bunch of twenty-somethings living in the city together. He called it Maxwell’s House, and he pitched it to NBC not knowing they rejected it… because they had already placed their bets on Friends!

10. The cast is friends in real life: The cast recently revealed that, for the first few seasons, they would meet at each other’s houses and watch the episodes as they aired. They loved spending time together both on and off the set!

11. Jennifer Aniston hated her famous haircut: When Jennifer Aniston got this famous layered haircut that was quickly named “The Rachel,” fans everywhere just couldn’t get enough. However, she actually hated the cut. She said it was impossible to style!

12. Lisa Kudrow was super forgetful: Although this hilarious actress had no problem remembering stuff like all of the lines she was required to memorize, she had a really hard time remembering even the last names of the actors on the show!

13. Courteney Cox credits one person for helping her create her character: Believe it or not, Courteney Cox says that it was Matthew Perry who really helped her make Monica into the character who she became on the show!

14. David Schwimmer is responsible for their big paychecks: By the end of the series, members of the cast were each making $1 million an episode. It was David Schwimmer who suggested that the cast band together to ask for their wages.

15. Matthew Perry wasn’t the first choice for Chandler: While Matthew Perry was auditioning to play Chandler, so were many of his other real-life friends! He even gave them tips to help them nail the audition. However, at the end of the day, he was the only real choice.

16. The show had many names before settling with the name Friends: Working titles for the show included Friends Like Us, Six of One, Across the Hall, Once Upon a Time in the West Village, and Insomnia Cafe. Seems like they picked the right one!

17. The apartments’ numbers were initially “4” and “5”: The producers realized that those numbers suggested the apartments were on the lower floors and changed them to “19” and “20” since the apartments were clearly higher up in the building.

18. “Shiny Happy People” by REM was the original choice for the theme song: REM’s popular tune opened the bouncy pilot when the show was still called Friends Like Us. Isn’t it crazy to imagine this alternate version of the show?

19. We only find out four of the characters’ middle names throughout the seasons: Chandler Muriel Bing, Rachel Karen Green, Ross Eustace Geller, and Joseph Francis Tribbiani, Jr. We know Monica’s middle name begins with an “E.” Phoebe has a middle name, but she couldn’t find out what it was because her sister Ursula sold her birth certificate.

20. They were ready to stop the show: The cast now all agrees that if they had to do things again, they would have finished the show after season 10 rather than going on with more episodes, even though the show was so successful.