When you cut your finger the last thing you’re probably worrying about is the best way to put on a finger bandage. You’re probably more focused on covering up your injury quickly and safely.

Covering a wound is critical to promoting wound healing, and sometimes just slapping on a bandage isn’t the most effective way to get the job done. Here’s a great way to hack your bandages and make them work better than ever before!

To use a bandage the most effective way possible on your finger, follow the directions given in the picture below and cut each side of the adhesive into two strips. It’s a more effective way of keeping the bandage secure.

Not only does it look a lot cooler than a bulky bandage, but using this band-aid hack can actually promote faster healing! That’s not the only way to do it either, here are a few more awesome hacks. 

With these hacks at the ready you’re sure to feel like the MacGyver of first aid!

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