For thousands of years, human beings and dogs have enjoyed a special bond. We provide them with food, love, and shelter, and in return we earn their totally undying devotion.

While this bond is something sacred and special, it’s also one that some people don’t respect the way that they should. One dog nearly lost her life because of the horrific way her owners treated her.

Blossom the dog hasn’t had an easy life, to say the least! The poor pooch was raised to participate in dogfights where she was used as bait. She paid a serious price for it, losing her entire ear to a much bigger dog. 

Thankfully a kind rescue organization A Chance To Bloom swooped in and rescued her. She needed more than 100 stitches to treat her ear, and will eventually require an entire hip replacement. But thanks to their goodwill she’s slowly on the path to recovery. 

Blossom’s story is an inspiration. As she gets healthier every day, she also works with children at schools to help kids who are recovering from being bullied! Does it get any sweeter than that?

It’s true what they say: not all heroes wear capes. Blossom survived a terrible ordeal but it didn’t dampen her beautiful inner light. She might not be a human being but that doesn’t mean she can’t still be an incredible role model. 

It is truly criminal that people treat dogs with anything other than the love and respect that they deserve. Thank goodness this precious pooch is getting the second chance that she so richly deserves.

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