There are few things more enjoyable than getting your whole family together for a BBQ once the weather is finally nice enough for it. Tossing open the grill, cleaning it off and cooking up some burgers with good company, what could better?

However, you probably didn’t know that every time you open up your grill you’re actually putting your family in terrible danger. One family found this out for themselves the hard way. Read on to hear about their terrifying story…

Anthony Fiore, 6, usually loved the burgers his family cooked on their grill when the weather was right. But after eating one burger, he began screaming out in pain. His family rushed him to the hospital where they discovered that a steel bristle from the grill cleaning brush was lodged in his throat!

At the hospitals, surgeons were eventually able to remove the bristle from his throat, but Anthony’s struggle didn’t end there. They would need to watch him to make sure he didn’t develop an infection from the filthy bristle. 

Accidents like Anthony’s can be absolutely fatal. You don’t need to buy a grill brush to keep your grill in working order, either. Simply light it, close it, and let the heat loosen the gunk. Then just used a balled up piece of aluminum foil to wipe away the mess without any danger. 

To learn more about why these brushes are so darn dangerous, you need to check out the video below. But don’t watch it if you’re getting ready to eat a burger: it’s pretty rough stuff to think about let alone to see!

Who knew that something as common as a grill brush could cause so much damage to a little boy!

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