It’s normal to be afraid of sharks, especially after watching a movie like “Jaws”. It’s like everyone goes through a phase of being afraid to get in the water when they learn how powerful sharks really are. Usually, it’s just that: a phase, and before too long they’re back in the ocean frolicking.

While that might be the case now, it wouldn’t have been that way if the sharks of today were anything like some of the sharks who swam in the murky depths millions of years ago. Once you find out what they were like, you’re going to rethink the next dip you take in the ocean…

Ladies and germs, meet the Helicoprion. This shark which swam the oceans 250 million years ago wasn’t just massive at 35 feet long, it also had a circular saw of teeth perfect for gnashing its prey to bits. Can you say, nightmare fuel?

Because the Helicoprion didn’t have any teeth on the top of its jaw, it swam along using the force of the water to move the wheel of its sharp teeth allowing it to scoop up and and chomp down all sorts of tasty critters. Talk about fast food! 

Like their modern relatives, if these sharks lost their first wheel of teeth, there were plenty more where those came from. Check out the video below for even more facts about this crazy ancient shark! 

Thank goodness these creatures aren’t alive today! With animals like Great White sharks swimming the waters, it’s bad enough, this would be just insane.

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