“The customer is always right” is a mantra you often hear business owners espousing. No matter how crazy the demand might be, in the customer service industry, it is their job to give you exactly what you want. Of course, sometimes there are folks who take this a little too seriously and the results can be absolutely hilarious.

Below you’ll find a series of photographs of people who got exactly what they asked for when it came to their food requests. It’s a perfect example of how sometimes you need to be careful with your words or you’ll end up with what you asked for… quite literally. We dare you to make it through this list without laughing.

1. Introducing, “none pizza with left beef.” You know what they say… ask and you shall receive, whether you really want said-nightmare pizza or not.

2. They asked for extra crackers for their soup. Apparently, someone at the restaurant took that as a challenge.

3. If you’re in Italy and your order a grilled cheese you’re going to get a grilled hunk of parmesan, and frankly, that’s on you, dude. 

4. “Yes, I’d like enough cheese on my pizza to choke an elephant.”

5. Clearly, there’s been a serious but hilarious misunderstanding here.

6. If you’re going to be literal with anyone under the age of ten then you have to expect that something like this is bound to happen. 

7. This little girl’s mother ordered “a child-sized cotton candy.” She didn’t have it in her heart to correct the mistake. 

8. This diner ordered “a breakfast sandwich in a bagel.” Technically, this isn’t wrong. 

9. Ah yes, nothing says comfort, love, and tradition like a required holiday dish of Sausage Balls. 

10. In fairness to their waiter, they did order “a problematic amount of ranch dressing.” 

11. This patron ordered an ice cream sundae with extra peanut butter. She told the server “not to stop even when it feels uncomfortable.” It’s clear that directions were followed. 

12. Clearly, this guy has had trouble getting the painful poops of which he dreams.

13. This hungry customer ordered their Big Mac with “extra mac sauce…”

Something they are definitely regretting right about now. 

It’s good to know just how far some restaurants are willing to go to give their customers exactly what they ask for even if it isn’t what they want. That said, they might want to cool their jets a little bit.

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