Dealing drugs is a very serious crime, and some criminals will do almost anything to avoid getting captured and hauled off to jail by the police for it. However, some criminals are smarter than others when it comes to hiding the evidence!

One man thought he could fool the cops by eating the evidence. Cops thought all they had to do was wait for him to use the bathroom, but they had no idea just how dedicated this criminal really was or what he was willing to do…

When Lamar Chambers was pulled over under suspicion of selling drugs, the police noticed something suspicious almost right away. According to the prosecutor’s office, “police officers saw him moving his head towards his hand as if he was eating something,” as they approach his vehicle. 

Chambers claimed, when confronted by police, that the item he had been caught eating was just some chicken, but they found this kind of hard to believe. To get to the “bottom” of things they arrested him and kept him in a prison cell with a modified toilet. That’s right – modified so they could see what came out of his rear. 

However, once he got to jail he foiled their plans by going on a strike… a poop strike. While the prisoner’s lawyers claim he is simply constipated, the police believe he is deliberating hiding whatever evidence lurks in his bowels.

Chambers has refused laxatives though he is eating and drinking water. The longest someone held their poop in jail previously was 32 days, at 40 days Chambers has blown away the competition. Here’s hoping he doesn’t also blow out his gut along with the record. 

Even if Chambers really WAS eating chicken, the police already have the evidence they need to help put him away for his drug charges. Any drugs in his stool would really just be the icing on the cake… which is the first and last time anyone will refer to poop in this way.

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