Good news for all you drug-aided soccer fans out there! This year, the World Cup is being held in Russia. Sure, that’s a bit of a schlep just to watch a soccer game, but recent news that’s been released about what goes at the games might make it worth it.

This year weed, heroin, and cocaine will all be allowed to be used by those attending the World Cup. Yikes! The only catch is that you have to have a doctor’s note saying that your drugs are prescribed. Even so, is this for real?

The new rules about what flies regarding drugs at the World Cup has everyone talking. Check out what Complex has to say about these strange new rules in the video below. Also: are there even any doctors left still prescribing heroin… medicinally?!

Just when you thought you had the country of Russia figured out, they go ahead and do something like this. Weirder still, you aren’t technically allowed to smoke ANYTHING inside of the stadiums. Say what, now?

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