The Olympics are always exciting whenever they roll around, be it in winter or in summer. However, it isn’t just the sports that we all find so entertaining, it’s so many of the stories about the athletes who participate in the games in the hope of winning the gold.

One Olympic skier didn’t get a chance to win any medals at all, but he still left the games with a massive grin on his face. When you find out why he was so happy, you’ll want to stand up and cheer for him too, medal or no medal at all!

Olympic skier Gun Kenworthy may not have won any medals, but some might say he did something even more tremendous. Partnering with the Humane Society, he helped shut down an illegal dog farm and saved the lives of 90 desperate canines.

In several Asian nations including Korea, eating dog meat a.k.a. ‘Gaegogi’ is a long and ancient tradition. People in these countries don’t see dogs the way the rest of the world does because of this. 

Although South Korea started protecting other animals with laws against mistreatment and killing in 1991, dogs didn’t make the list, and as a result, they can be housed in horrible conditions, abused, and killed without any sort of recourse. 

Because there are no laws against cruelty to dogs, the pooches bred for food can be killed in truly sadistic ways. It’s not uncommon for the dogs to be strangled, electrocuted, or even simply beaten to death and all for access to their meat. 

All of the 90 dogs who Gus saved will be going to the United States and Canada for medical treatment. Then, they will all be placed in loving homes… except for one. When Gus locked eyes with this dog who has named Beemo, he knew that it was love at first sight. 

This isn’t the first time Gus has helped out animals, either. During the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, he rescued five stray dogs he found roaming the streets. 

If there is a medal for having a heart of gold, it’s one that Gus definitely deservers.

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