We don’t often think of birds as being very frightening. That is, unless you’ve seen something like Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic “The Birds.”

If you love birds and don’t find them remotely creepy then prepare for that all to change. When you see what happens when starlings swarm Rome you won’t be able to forget it anytime soon.

Every year 4 million starlings migrate all together to the city of Rome, to get nice and warm. Sounds nice in theory, but in reality, the birds transform the sky into a nightmare, and it doesn’t stop there either…

Because the starlings mostly feast in olive groves, their poop is ridiculously oily and very difficult to clean off! Romans try everything from banging pots and pans to releasing trained falcons into the sky to chase them away but to no avail!

While it might seem shocking that anyone would want to frighten off these birds, their numbers make them a real nuisance. Watch the video below for more information about this bizarre natural phenomenon.

Who knew that starlings could be so much darn trouble! It’s totally overwhelmings to watch the way they fill the sky.

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