When you think about beer, chances are a few things come to mind. You probably think about getting a nice buzz on, or maybe the bloated feeling you get from having a few too many.

What you probably don’t think about is that by drinking a beer you’re doing something good for you. Well ladies and germs, that all changes today…

Gird your loins, beer drinkers! There’s some good news for you, and no, it isn’t news about a corner store selling two-for-one cases of Natty Light…

It turns out that everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, shower beers, might actually be super good for you! Time to crack open a cold one and let the hot water steam things up! 

It turns out that drinking the booze of your choice could actually make you more artistic! In fact, a recent poll found that people with a blood-alcohol level of .075 considered themselves to be more creative. 

If you have a cold, are you worried that drinking booze in the shower is a bad idea? Not so! Plenty of people have used alcohol for hundreds of years to treat ailments like a cough or congestion. 

So how does the act of showering factor in? Like this: when you shower it releases the feel-good hormone dopamine. A lot of things produce dopamine, you know, like narcotics. The fact that you can get your dopamine fix in the shower isn’t something a lot of people talk about!


Combine that with the creatives juices that your brew got going and you’re in for a storm of positive creative energy. Let’s get to showering and boozin’ ASAP! 

Who knew that everyone’s favorite hangover activity was actually so good at transforming the way that you think and feel? Time to turn on the shower and get the beer ready: let’s do this!

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