People form many preconceptions about cats that just aren’t true. Cats are often characterized as being aloof, as not wanting affection from humans in the least.

One cat in Turkey will change even the staunchest believer’s mind about feline-kind. When you hear his story, prepare to tear up a little bit.

In Izmir, Turkey, stray cats are fairly common. What’s not so common is to find one hanging out in a classroom! 

Meet Tombi, a full-time resident of Mrs. İvaşcu’s third-grade class. One day the cat just wandered in and decided he liked it so much he would never leave again.

You would think that the cat would be a distraction, but Mrs. İvaşcu says it’s actually the opposite. With the cat in the room, the students are calmer and more focused than ever before. 

However, not everyone was pleased to hear that Tombi had been adopted by the school, including one student’s parents. Tombi was kicked out and sent to live with a new family. 

The children were terribly sad without their playful feline friend, and it showed in all their work and their behavior. 

Raising the cat and caring for him had taught them responsibility. They were all very attached to the cat, and it turns out that he felt the same way about them. 

Tombi stopped eating at the house with his new family, so Mrs. İvaşcu decided to take Tombi into her own home if he couldn’t be in the classroom.

While this perked up the cat a little bit in the beginning, he still wasn’t himself. The students sent him letters hoping he would get well, but they had no effect. Because, you know, cats can’t read. 

The story of Tombi went viral when Mrs. İvaşcu shared it on Facebook. Before too long, the story was everywhere, and soon even the parents against the cat living in the classroom changed their minds…

Tombi was welcomed back to class with open arms. It was clear that he was delighted to be back in the place he considered to be his true home. 

It’s crazy to think how much of a difference people can make to a cat. People might say that cats aren’t loyal, but this story here proves them all wrong! 

Thank goodness Tombi is finally back where he belongs!

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