Being a twin is something pretty darn special, as any twin can tell you. Tragically not every single pair of twins that are conceived are delivered together. Sometimes one of the fetuses just doesn’t make it.

This woman was raised believing that she had no brothers or sisters to speak of, let alone an identical twin. But then she noticed something strange about her body and began asking questions. What she found out about herself is totally surreal!

For years singer Taylor Muhl wondered what was wrong with her. She was born with a strange, red birthmark running down the left side of her torso, and that wasn’t the only strange thing about her body that she had noticed either…

“Everything on the left side of my body is slightly larger than the right side,” she wrote on her blog. “I have a double tooth in the left side of my mouth and many sensitivities and allergies to foods, medications, supplements, jewelry, and insect bites.”

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It turns out that Taylor has tetragametic chimerism, meaning, she was in the womb with an identical twin who didn’t survive. Consequently, she absorbed that twin meaning she has two sets of DNA, two immune systems, and two bloodstreams! To learn more about Taylor’s incredible condition watch the video below.

Can you believe something like could happen in real life? It sounds like it could something you would read about in science fiction, not a legitimate medical condition.

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